Abby, a street smart homeless teenager is thrust into a new life when her mother is incarcerated for being a drug dealer. Abby is forced to live with her only known relatives, her grandparents. With no father, Abby has nowhere else to go. She has to struggle and adapt to a new home, a new school, new grandparents and a therapist. Although Abby is intelligent, she is faced with challenges that would seem foreign to most teenagers. Learning how to navigate school, the farm and the mall Abby does her best to keep it all together. Life comes to a head when just as she is beginning to accept and even enjoy her new life her mother interrupts it. Then on top of that Abby’s grandmother is involved in a car accident with a driver under the influence. Through all of that Abby finds her own voice through writing and begins her healing process.



James goes from his high rolling stock broker position to living over his brothers garage when his boss is convicted of insider trading. The only job he can find is stocking shelves at a megastore. James has to deal with living in his home town, a failure and a newly web.

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