Demon Casino

"Sometimes evil comes wrapped in a pretty package."

An ancient evil is released, when blood is split on a totem placed in the lobby of an Indian casino.

Tony the casino operator must get serious and enlist the help of John, the next in line to be the tribe's Shaman.

John, the casino bar bouncer who wants nothing to do with Tony or the rituals of his tribe, must come to terms with his heritage and the pain it brings to defeat the demon.

Dawn, John's adoptive sister try to help John understand his destiny and protect him from the demonic forces. Enlisting the help of the reluctant Tony and the alluring Lt. Ellen Perry, John sets out on a quest to find himself and the tools needed to defeat the demon.

Meanwhile at the casino the demon is enjoying its new freedom as it hopes from sexy showgirls killing the guests. The victims all seem to die with smiles on their faces. As the demon gains strength, John gains insight as to why his estranged father had to sacrifice his own freedom to defeat the demon in the past.

As John and Tony walk the desert to find John's animal spirit guide, Lt. Perry struggles to understand the strange world she need to navigate to resolve and end the murders through out the casino. As the body count mounts the demon grows more powerful and John more doubtful about his role as a hero.

Finally coming o terms with a father he never knew, John gains the courage to face the demon and bring an end to the body count. As all seems lost, Lt. Perry releases John's father from prison in hopes of saving both John and the rest of the casino guests.

In the final confrontation the demon shows it true nature and takes its final revenge