Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in a New Jersey suburb named Manalapan. I started my artistic life copying comic book art and collecting it. Then in grade school and high school, I was a musician. In high school, I did tech work in theater and found myself cast as the lead my senior year in Camelot. Not knowing where or what to do, I auditioned for the acting program at Mason Gross School of the Arts. I lasted two years in the program, with classmates like Calista Flockharte and Kristin Davis. I graduated with a B.A. from Rutgers in theater. After college I studied with the Groundlings in NYC for two years, doing comedy improvisation. That is where I began to write. I have been through many different vocations; right now I am in sales. I have about ten screenplays, two children’s books and a couple of novels floating in my head. . I am currently performing and residing in the New England area.

I've recently acted in an independent film in Upstate New York and a Burton Web Short.